Welding-worksite monitoring

Welding-worksite monitoring


Welding-worksite monitorThe DSS digital welding-worksite signal has been developed to further optimise our customers’ cost-efficiency.

The INPRO DSS enables the welder to directly control preheat tempera­ture on-the-spot during welding. Monitoring by a heat-treatment techni­cian is therefore no longer necessary.

Performance features:

  • Up to three welding-worksite signals can be integrated when using an INPRO heating system
  • All worksites can be programmed with the necessary settings independently of each other on a control loop basis
  • Monitoring is provided for the welder at the workplace by means of visual and acoustic signals
  • Correct preheat temperature is indicated by a green light
  • A flashing red light indicates that preheat temperature is too high or too low
  • An additional acoustic warning signal is generated simultaneously to the flashing red light
  • The default setting for the acoustic warning is 10 seconds.
    Users can also select their own settings.

INPRO DS 12 – Basic digital unit

Combination of the INPRO DS 12 accessory unit and the DSS welding-worksite signal permits monitoring of preheat temperature. This unit is universally deployable, irrespective of equipment type (welding machine / annealing and heating system).

Performance features:

  • 5.7’’ LCD touch screen operating terminal
  • Measuring range: 0 - 999°C
  • Measuring inputs:    Twelve NiCr-Ni via thermocouple sockets
  • Network: Ethernet
  • Adjustable alarm delay in case of deviation from variable parameters
  • Visual display of temperatures on the operating terminal
  • Additional “OK” display when all temperatures are within the target range
  • “Stop” message in case of deviation from setpoint targets
  • Signalisation at the welding-worksite is via the DSS welding-worksite signal and is effective up to a distance of 50 m

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