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Magnetic preheaters, box elements, box units and cassettes

Magnetic preheaters

For preheating of circumferential welds and geometrically difficult configurations. Magnetic preheaters are suitable for product temperatures up to 300 °C and can be produced in all necessary or desired dimensions and voltage ratings.

Magnetic Preheaters

Box elements and box units

There is no better demonstration of the enormous range of potential applications in resistance heating than the use of these elements for partial heat treatment of circumferential vessel welds and the heat treatment of large components in transportable annealing furnaces. This heating element is used wherever the size, geometry and/or weight of components makes their annealing in stationary industrial furnaces impossible. Thanks to its easy and mobile utilization, this is the ideal element for industrial thermal processes. Box elements and box units are suitable for product temperatures up to 750 °C.

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The problem in heat treatment of heating tubes in-situ in rows is not whether they can be heat-treated, but rather selecting the most cost-efficient method. Cassettes provide a rationally-priced solution. They assist in reducing both labour and materials costs, and are also easy to use. We produce tailor-made cassettes in all required dimensions.

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