INPRO Matic 15 14

Control unit for measuring, controlling, regulating, monitoring and documentation of heat treatments.

The INPRO Matic 15 14 control unit provides you with intuitive control and virtually unlimited potentials.

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Standard functions

  • INPRO Matic (full automation with PID control response)
  • INPRO temperature controller
  • INPRO percentage display
  • CL change (page change for 12 and 18 control loops)
  • CL overview (overview of all control loops)
  • All Matic ON (simultaneous starting of all INPRO Matic units)
  • CL combination (switch control loops in combination)
  • Display of current date and time
  • Program input with four predefined curve profiles
  • Program input with freely selectable profile, up to 20 segments
  • File for program-compiling on the user's PC
  • Favourites (create and manage programs)
  • Alarm function (Limit Temperature, Limit Current and thermocouple-breakage)
  • Digital diagram
  • Temperature recording, inc. reporting
  • Pocket-format calculator
  • Notepad
  • User files (storage of PDF, JPG and PNG files)
  • User manual in PDF format
  • INPRO product catalogue
  • INPRO image film
  • Device record in PDF format
  • Reminder of date for main inspection in accordance with AR-2335 and DGUV 3
  • General earth (ground) fault alarm

Optional extras

  • Digital documentation, inc. reporting
  • Checking of digital documentation for validity using the INPROMATIC verification tool
  • Codes and standards
  • Staggered Start (staggered starting of control loops) 
  • Start Time (individual start time for each control loop)
  • INPRO DWM 1 - 3 (monitoring of up to three welding worksites)
  • Administrator (add and administer users)
  • System-error messages
  • Diagnosis program
  • Control-loop-specific earth-fault signalisation
  • Calibration and adjustment of control unit
  • Language selection
  • Integration into an LAN / Internet network

Special customised features on request

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