Bildschirmschreiber aus der Produktion der INPRO Wärmetechnik GmbH

INPRO BSS2006 series (six-channel) and INPRO BSS2012 series (twelve channel) display recorders

The INPRO BSS series of instruments is made up of network-compatible high-performance display recorders featuring a comprehensive range of functions for recording of temperature and process signals. These instruments achieve high scanning rates of 1 s for twelve channels and high accuracies of ± 0.1 %. The measured data is stored in an internal memory and on a compact Flash drive of up to 2 GB capacity. It can be displayed via Intranet or Internet on the PC, using a web-browser; FTP data transfer and e-mail transmission are also possible. The 2006 and 2012 display recorders are used in the most diverse range of applications for data recording and monitoring in research, development and production, and also in modern network environments, in particular. 

Performance features:

  • High-resolution 5.6” TFT color LCD for display of
  • measured data in real time or from the data memory
  • High data-storage capacity (up to 2 GB) for enhanced flexibility
  • Fast, high-accuracy multi-channel recording of up to twelve channels, with electrical isolation up to 1,000 VCA
  • Easy operation, even without instruction,
  • USB interface for connection to PC
  • Flexible interfaces: USB for connection to a PC, LAN link for FTP data-transfer and e-mail via an Ethernet interface
  • Data-acquisition and evaluation software for read-out, display and processing of acquired data

Bildschirmschreiber BSS2006 und BSS2012 der INPRO Wärmetechnik GmbH

INPRO BSS 2006 series six-channel display recorder (left) and INPRO BSS 2012 series twelve-channel display recorder (right)

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