Kraftwerk in der Abenddämmerung

References and certifications

INPRO MOERS has been working highly successfully in the fields of nuclear and conventional power generating plants, chemicals plants, refineries and production facilities since 1979, heat treating several hundred thousand welds every year.

Our range of activities and services includes the development, production and supply of program-controlled heating systems and accessories for heat treatment of metal components. For special applications, we design tailor-made heating systems and other equipment in close cooperation with the client.

INPRO MOERS holds the following certifications: HP 7/1, German Nuclear Standards Committee (KTA), DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
and the SGU SCCP:2011 Quality Management System.

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Franz-Haniel-Straße 14
D-47443 Moers
Fon: +49 2841 93911-0
Fax: +49 2841 93911-10

INPRO Moers ist MItglied im FDBR und TÜV Rheinland zertifiziert

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