Asias visits INPRO MOERS

This "high-level visit" from the Far East has already featured in many daily newspapers. So far and yet so near. INPRO MOERS is becoming ever better established in the economic regions of South Korea and China, and is correspondingly intensifying its contacts; the Asian market is showing great interest in resistance heating systems and other heat-treatment products developed and produced in-house and – MADE BY INPRO MOERS. This visit by a South Korean delegation from the automotive and steel industries, and also from other fields with an interest in heat-treatment technology, was most timely, as INPRO MOERS was awarded in precisely this period no less than two major contracts for projects in China - having received its first orders from the MITSUI-DAEWOO CONSORTIUM (a South Korean company) for heat-treatment services at the DEAWOOENC POWER PLANT in Casablanca, Morocco, in 2013.

On 14 November 2016, the South Korean delegation, made up of twenty-four managers and directors, was able to see the technological advances made by INPRO MOERS at first hand, in order to gain impressions of the "LATEST CONTROL AND INSTRUMENTATION TECHNOLOGY, INCLUDING DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION" in the field of commercial heat treatment. INPRO MOERS showcased its in-house developed world innovation, the INPROMATIC, during the delegation's visit.

Even the Mayor of the City of Moers, Christoph Fleischhauer, made sure to be there, taking the opportunity of cordially welcoming the South Korean delegation to INPRO MOERS and himself visiting the company with the city's Economic Promotion department.

Beuch aus Süd-Kora Besuch aus Süd-Korea
Besuch aus Süd-Korea Besuch aus Süd-Korea
Besuch aus Süd-Korea Besuch aus Süd-Korea


INPRO MOERS presents
new top product

(click to enlarge)

The use of ultra-modern high-performance HMI Touch Panels, plus an innovative visual-display system, combined with INPRO's decades of experience in the heat treatment of metal elements and components, make the INPROMATIC 15 14 an absolute top-rank product.

Our aim was to provide our customers with a process-control system that can be used as easily and intuitively as a Smartphone, but that is nonetheless so comprehensive that the overwhelming majority of applications are possible using the standard version.

more information (PDF, german)

"SCHWEISSEN" trade fair in Linz, Austria
29 September to 1 October 2015 

The SCHWEISSEN trade fair for joining, cutting, surfacing, testing and protecting is held every four years in Linz, Austria, in alternation with the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN fair in Essen, Germany.

INPRO MOERS this year for the first time had a stand presence in Linz, convincing interested specialists with its extensive range of products and its most recent development, the latest version of its INPROMATIC 15 14 control unit. The INPROMATIC 15 14 is a control unit for measurement, control, regulation, monitoring and documentation of heat treatment operations.

Digital temperature recording is the future!

Our aim in the following excerpt of a presentation1 is to provide you with an insight into the use of modern analog and digital measuring and recording equipment.

Download presentation as a PDF file

This document is presently only available in German language.

1 Presented by Manfred Tilschner (Head of Production at INPRO MOERS) on 29 October 2013 at the meeting of the FDBR workgroup on Materials and Welding



16 to 21 September 2013

The "SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN" international trade fair for joining, cutting and surfacing is held every four years in Essen, Germany. This year INPRO MOERS was again among the many industry leaders exhibiting, and convinced its enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable visitors with its broad range of products and the latest developments in the in-situ heat treatment of metal components and welds.

All of us at INPRO wish to take this opportunity of expressing our most sincere thanks to all the existing and prospective customers who visited us on our stand for their interest in our company.


Standort Niederlande

INPRO expanding!

INPRO MOERS NL B.V., our first branch location in our neighbour country the Netherlands, was founded in May 2012, recognising the growing importance of the Dutch market for us. INPRO employees are now available there as direct contacts for our customers in this region. As INPRO director Dieter Kowalzik notes, "The Dutch market will be a vital source of growth for us in the future. The aim of this new company is that of providing our Dutch customers with even better support in the solution of their technical problems. It goes without saying", Kowalzik concludes, "that our Dutch subsidiary is also certified in conformity to the international ISO 9001: 2008 and SCCP: 2011 quality standards".

INPRO MOERS NL B.V.     Mobile 06 85 02 37 20
Jonkerbosplein 52, 17th floor     Telephone 024 352 9885
NL 6534 AB Nijmegen     Telefax 024 352 9666

Standort Niederlande

Pleasing response to INPRO MOERS open-day

Numerous visitors, both male and female, attended this year's INPRO MOERS open-day on 25 August 2012. Alongside amusements and fun for both young and old, and the broad range of food and drink available, the focus of their interest was, of course, on looking "behind the scenes". As Heinz Kurscheidt, CEO of INPRO MOERS GmbH noted: "Our aim on a day like this is to give young people in particular insights into the fascination of technology and arouse their enthusiasm for technical occupations".

Tag der offenen Tür 2012

INPRO MOERS open-day 2012

INPRO MOERS open-day 2012

Bezirksmeisterschaft beim ABC Rheinkamp e.V.

Thrilling bouts on new ring surface

With a virtually full hall, the Amateur-Box-Club ABC Rheinkamp e.V. had no lack of patronage for its regional boxing championship, held on Saturday, February 4, 2012. The spectators in the town's sports venue, among them Mayor of Moers Norbert Ballhaus, a self confessed boxing aficionado, were treated to a total of fifteen bouts in a range of weight classes.

INPRO MOERS was also, so to speak, "at the focus of events". As the sponsor of the new ring surface mat (see photo on left), we had financed the replacement for the previous ring surface which, after nearly fifty years in service and boxing fixtures beyond number, had reached a venerable - and distinctly greying! - age. 

Roman Morawiec, First Chairman of ABC Rheinkamp e.V., expressed the club's thanks for the new competition surface to the sponsor, represented by Dieter Kowalzik (right in the photo). INPRO MOERS sincerely wishes ABC Rheinkamp e.V. and all spectators many years of exciting sport and great enjoyment of the new ring surface.

Unser Tooor des Jahres

Our gooooal of the year!

INPRO MOERS is a partner in the Bayer 04 Leverkusen sponsors' club, so of course we're especially pleased about the sensational bicycle-kick goal scored by "our" player, Eren Derdiyok. A real „Gooooal of the year“, executed in best Klaus Fischer or Uwe Seeler style, in the 65th minute on the eighth match day of the 2011/12 season to notch up 2:1 for Leverkusen against VfL Wolfsburg. Whether on the pitch or serving our customers: Bayer 04 Leverkusen and INPRO MOERS make a great team!

Watch the video at YouTube

High flyer INPRO MOERS:
Internationally successful

On June 9, 2011, Mayor Norbert Ballhaus, accompanied by representatives of the City of Moers Economic Development Agency and press department, visited INPRO MOERS in the Franz-Haniel-Strasse and Zechenstrasse for a tour of the facilities. The company is an outstanding example of bold and successful enterprise: Started by managing shareholder Heinz Kurscheidt, his wife Heidi and present-day holder of procuration Dieter Kowalzik in 1979, it's now time for another expansion of the INPRO MOERS team to over 120 persons.

Gespräch und Ausblick über die Firmenphilosophie   Entwicklung und Qualitätsmanagement
Discussing the INPRO philosophy and the company's future   Research and
quality management
Versuchsanordnung für die Wärmebehandlung einer Kessel-Rohrwand   Produktion Wärmeanlagen und Zsatzeinrichtungen
Test facility for heat treatment
of a boiler tube wall
  In the production shop for heat treatment systems and accessories

Die Caritas Wohn- und Werkstätten Niederrhein

INPRO MOERS supports Caritas charity workshops

Every person's natural abilities, inclinations and potentials for development are as unique as their fingerprints. Not all are able to compete on an equal footing on the labour market, and many are thus involuntarily excluded from this socially and economically important sphere of life.

To acknowledge the importance and value of these persons, INPRO has for many years placed production orders with the “Caritas Wohn- und Werkstätten Niederrhein” charity workshops.

Fahrzeug der Moerser Tafel mit INPRO Sponsorenlogo

INPRO sponsors
the “Moerser Tafel” initiative

Since the autumn of 1999, the “Moerser Tafel” social initiative has provided a bridge between those in our society who have little and those who have at least a little to spare. The initiative now boasts no less than ninety honorary members, of both sexes, who collect the food donated and distribute it to the needy.

INPRO MOERS is pleased to be able to support the vital and successful work of the Moerser Tafel initiative with its sponsorship in the context of the company's social commitment as a Moers-based enterprise.

INPRO MOERS sponsors FC Moers-Meerfeld

Starting from the 2010 / 2011 season, INPRO MOERS has undertaken to sponsor FC Moers-Meerfeld 1980 e.V. with new strip and other sporting requisites, assuring a consistent visual image for all the club's teams.

In the course of time, FC Moers-Meerfeld, founded in Moers on June 29, 1980, has developed into a many-facetted club, with around 800 members, and headquarters at the athletics field behind the Rheinkamp sports center.

The picture below shows the team in their new strip sponsored by INPRO MOERS. FC Moers-Meerfeld's first team plays in Group 9 of the Bezirksliga Niederrhein (Lower Rhine League).

The illustration below shows FC Moers-Meerfeld's second team (group 1, local league B).

Die 2. Mannschaft des FC Meerfeld in INPRO Trikots

INPRO Bulgaria

New operations center in Bulgaria

(December 2009) INPRO has opened a further operations center in Bulgaria. The company is performing parallel heat treatment activities in the two conventional power plant units at the Maritza site.

Kraftwerk Maritza

Services covered:

  • On behalf of ALSTOM BULGARIA EOOD, INPRO is performing heat treatment for all the piping and structural steel contractors working on the site.
    INPRO's work was started in 2008, and is right on target for completion as scheduled in March, 2010.

    The following equipment has been deployed:
    Twelve INPRO 60 V6 heating systems
    Thirty-two INPRO 84 V12 heating systems
    Two INPRO 165 V18 heating systems
  • Up to twenty-three heat-treatment technicians are on site simultaneously to ensure trouble-free completion of the work.
  • In addition to its well-known top quality heat-treatment work and documentation, INPRO has also achieved an outstanding industrial safety record here in Bulgaria - the work up to now has been completed with zero accidents.

Momentaufnahme der Jubiläumsfeier der INPRO Wärmetechnik GmbH

1979-2009: Thirty years of service for our customers

(October 2009) On October 3, 2009 INPRO marked the company's 30th anniversary with a relaxed celebration - a convivial and eventful occasion for the company's board, the staff and their families, and simultaneously a moment of reflection before we move on again to tackle the new challenges set by our customers.

INPRO‘s “Schweißen und Schneiden” stand in great demand

(September 2009) The most important event in the welding, cutting and heat treatment calendar was held this year in Essen from September 14 to 19. The “Schweißen und Schneiden” fair again proved a vital forum for the entire world's know-how and for the global market in this specialized field.

INPRO GMBH MOERS was there, of course, and this page features number of impressions of our stand.

We take this opportunity of thanking all our customers and the many visitors to our stand for helping in making our presence a resounding success.


INPRO opens lounge at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK Dortmund

(August 2009) In order to offer our customers a special working atmosphere for the joint project planning, INPRO MOERS provides since the mid of 2009 a separate meeting room in the SIGNAL IDUNA PARK in Dortmund, the heart of the Ruhr.

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