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Partial stress-relieving annealing of a roll shaft

Due to the specified axial temperature-distribution diagrams, heat-treatment operations are tied to logical procedures and rules. All details must have been carefully thought out and planned for cost-efficiency before the process starts, in order to permit adherence to the recommended codes and specifications. As in this case, where the running surface of a roll shaft with a diameter of 1700 mm and a width of 600 mm was to be heat treated. In addition, the temperature on the roll necks had to remain below 400° C, since these machined surfaces would otherwise have oxidized, causing scale. The roll necks were also pretreated with INPRO's special Zunderstop antioxidant agent.

Beispiel partielle Spannungsarmglühung einer Walzenwelle - Phase 1

Beispiel partielle Spannungsarmglühung einer Walzenwelle - Phase 2

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