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On-site vessel annealing

The flexibility and versatility of resistance heating is ideally demonstrated wherever components, due to their size, their geometry or their weight, can no longer be annealed in fixed industrial furnaces. This was the case here, where five vessels of D = 2800 x 19 mm wall thickness and 12300 mm length, and five vessels of D = 3800 mm x 28 mm wall thickness and 13700 mm length, had to be annealed on site, since it was not possible to perform the necessary treatment outside the building.

The constricted space available meant that a mobile annealing furnace could not be set up around the vessels. INPRO therefore used the vessels themselves as annealing furnaces, by insulating their exteriors. Heat treatment using gas or oil burners also had to be rejected, due to the impossibility of routing the fumes out safely. INPRO thus installed box units for indirect heating in the vessels. The heat was transferred into the vessels by natural convection.

The vessels were reinforced with statically calculated support rings in order to prevent their deformation under their own weight during the annealing operation. It had also to be assured that the support saddles would not obstruct axial expansion of the vessels (88 mm and 98 mm, respectively) at annealing temperature. The support saddles on one side were therefore detached from their anchoring and positioned on armoured rollers, enabling the vessels to expand and contract without hindrance during the heating-up and cooling phases.

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