Asias visits INPRO MOERS

This "high-level visit" from the Far East has already featured in many daily newspapers. So far and yet so near. INPRO MOERS is becoming ever better established in the economic regions of South Korea and China, and is correspondingly intensifying its contacts; the Asian market is showing great interest in resistance heating systems and other heat-treatment products developed and produced in-house and – MADE BY INPRO MOERS. This visit by a South Korean delegation from the automotive and steel industries, and also from other fields with an interest in heat-treatment technology, was most timely, as INPRO MOERS was awarded in precisely this period no less than two major contracts for projects in China - having received its first orders from the MITSUI-DAEWOO CONSORTIUM (a South Korean company) for heat-treatment services at the DEAWOOENC POWER PLANT in Casablanca, Morocco, in 2013.

On 14 November 2016, the South Korean delegation, made up of twenty-four managers and directors, was able to see the technological advances made by INPRO MOERS at first hand, in order to gain impressions of the "LATEST CONTROL AND INSTRUMENTATION TECHNOLOGY, INCLUDING DIGITAL DOCUMENTATION" in the field of commercial heat treatment. INPRO MOERS showcased its in-house developed world innovation, the INPROMATIC, during the delegation's visit.

Even the Mayor of the City of Moers, Christoph Fleischhauer, made sure to be there, taking the opportunity of cordially welcoming the South Korean delegation to INPRO MOERS and himself visiting the company with the city's Economic Promotion department.

Beuch aus Süd-Kora Besuch aus Süd-Korea
Besuch aus Süd-Korea Besuch aus Süd-Korea
Besuch aus Süd-Korea Besuch aus Süd-Korea


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